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"The most beautiful women I have seen on a dating site. Some that I could not imagine I would ever have the pleasure to date, I am blown away. How can I decide which lady to send an invitation to? It's an impossible task... albeit an enjoyable one. Help needed!" Jon, Happy Member

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Can I access the members area?

Yes, we grant all new Travel Girls temporary access so that you may review your profile and make improvements if necessary. We generally do not believe it is necessary for Travel Girls to view other Travel Girl's profiles so you have limited access.


What kind of pictures should I submit?

We require high-quality professionally taken pictures in order to accept your application to join us. Take a look at our Preview page to get an idea of the quality of portfolio images we accept.


How do I become verified?

Verified travel girls receive more invitations. We will not recommend a Travel Girl until her pictures have been verified. Many invitations are sent due to our recommendation. To become verified take a photo of yourself on your phone (tip: looking into a mirror works well if you don't have reverse camera). You must write on a piece of paper 'Elite Travel Girls' and hold this up so that the paper and your face are clearly visible. Email this snapshot to us and we will add it to your profile and give you the 'Verified' stamp of approval.


How often will I receive an invitation?

Your popularity depends entirely on your profile and pictures. Pictures showing a warm and friendly smile always work well to attract travel invites.


How do I cancel an invitation I have already accepted?

We suggest that you make 100% sure you will be available before accepting an invitation, however we understand that circumstances change. You are welcome to make alternative date suggestions if you wish to accept an invitation but are unable to due to scheduling issues. Often your travel sponsor can re-arrange dates and the itinerary to suit your schedule. If re-arranging travel dates is not possible then your travel sponsor will be introduced to a new Travel Girl (with no extra introduction fee).


Please note; Ladies who accept and then cancel two consecutive date invitations will be permanently removed from the database.


How do I cancel my account?

Simply send us a quick email and we will cancel your membership with immediate effect and remove your profile and details from our website and database.

I have just subscribed but I can't login to the members area.

Please allow up to 24 hrs for your membership subscription to be manually activated. However usually we are able to grant access to our Members Area within 30 minutes of your payment being processed.


I can't decide who to send an invitation to, any suggestions?

Yes we offer a complimentary matchmaking service to all of our Members. When submitting your invitation form please tell us about yourself and your requirements. Carefully considered suggestions will follow.


Why do only some ladies require an allowance?

Everybody is different and we try to be as accommodating as possible to all of our member's personal requirements. We have no influence on the allowance amount requested which is at each lady's discretion.


What are the expenses involved when arranging a date?

All travel and expenses are the responsibility of you, the Travel Sponsor, including all transportation, accommodation, excursions, entertainment, food & beverages. Read more about the compensation and travel arrangement guidelines here.


How do I know that the ladies pictures are genuine?

We request that ladies provide a verification photo, clearly showing their face and a piece of paper with 'Elite Travel Girls' written on it. Our client's trust and satisfaction is and always will be our main priority.


Am I required to pay the introduction fee again if I wish to meet the same lady?

No this fee is for the first introduction, once you have been introduced we can't introduce you again to the same person. You will already have this ladies contact information so please make arrangements between yourselves should you wish to meet again.


How do I cancel my account?

Visit and cancel your subscription using the link provided on their homepage. Should you need any help doing this we will be happy to assist.